Real Estate in Buenos Aires: An attractive alternative to invest.

October 21st, 2009

For all travelers who are visiting the capital of Argentina, or wish to do so, a wide range of real estate in Buenos Aires real estate that represent an interesting opportunity to invest in the region.

The housing market in the city has exclusive apartments and houses, both for sale and for rent in Buenos Aires neighborhoods main intended primarily for the tourism sector, according to their tastes and preferences.

At the same time, the sector has a vast knowledge about the requirements for the sale of real estate in Argentina, giving security and confidence when making their investment, assisting you in finding the ideal property.

Comparing to Buenos Aires and other major world cities such as Paris, New York and London to name a few, you can check that the values of the properties offered by the housing market are clearly more profitable than in the destinations mentioned above, taking into account the exchange rate of foreign currencies.

Those who manage the business of real estate advise him according to his needs as a customer about the possibility of making a purchase or rental of housing, where prices vary according to desired comfort and location.

The city of Buenos Aires has a wide variety of tourist attractions, for its cosmopolitan character, where the modern and the traditional come together in its urban landscape.

If your desire is to make a good investment or, better yet, have a place in Argentina, nothing better to opt for a property in the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires, one of the most important capitals of the continent.

Furnished apartments in Buenos Aires

September 24th, 2009

Currently, a wide availability of apartments for rent in Buenos Aires.

While renting an apartment seems easy, it is not. Therefore, the wide range of properties in the port city gives us the possibility to choose one, depending on available budget and specific requirements of each.

Of course, a good location is an important factor to consider when renting a temporary apartment. The benefit of renting an apartment of this kind is that they are usually fully furnished and equipped with basic amenities such as television and internet access. That is why they are ideal for both tourists and business people visiting the city for a period of time and want to remain outside the hotels.

Typically, the supply of these departments, and providing all the amenities to make your stay as pleasant as possible, focuses on the main neighborhoods of the city, due to the exclusivity of the area and the proximity of the major resorts that make up the attractiveness of the metropolis.

The districts requested for temporary rent, whether your stay is extended for days or months, are Recoleta, Palermo, San Telmo, Las Cañitas or downtown Buenos Aires, among others of equal importance.

Unlike hotels, where it should be subject to schedules such as, for breakfast, the apartments offer the option to enjoy your trip, whether for pleasure or business, with the privacy and independence you deserve.

So take advantage of the wide variety of choices for renting on a temporary basis according to your tastes and needs, making as if he was resting at home

Buenos Aires Apartments

August 11th, 2009

Buenos Aires is a great city, and what is even more wonderful is that there are so many apartments to live in. The city offers some great accommodation. For instance, you can get a 600 sq. ft. apartment for $1200 per month – this apartment would be large and bright, with one bedroom, one living and dining-room with a dining table (seating 4), and a convertible sofa would also be provided which can be made into two beds. In Las Canitas, you can find an apartment of 570 sq. ft., for a rent of $1020 per month, for 2 guests. Two people can lodge comfortably in it, the fittings are original and elegnt, plus air conditioning is also provided, and there is a double bed.

In Las Canitas you can also find a duplex of 1190 sq. ft., with a rent of $1910, this is of 2 bedrooms, you can experience the finest of luxury, teamed with comfort, at this apartment, which gives you a terrace with table and chairs, plus a view overlooking the river. At Recoleta, you will find an apartment spread over 470 sq. ft., perfect for 2 guests, with 1 bedroom. This a great studio apartment which is in the Recoleta neighborhood, and the apartment building too, is brand new. The bathroom and kitchen have absolutely modern fittings, in full working order. In the Palermo Hollywood area, there is a studio apartment of 500 sq. ft., for a rent of $1080, with a 1 bedroom, a living room with an integrated kitchen, and a fully functional bathroom.